1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Weep Over Unsubscribes

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I saw a lot of complaining (not from my list, you guys are gems) about emails on Black Friday. People went on and on about how overwhelmed they were and how they hated emails and consumerism and blah blah blah.

I also heard that many people used this as an opportunity to clean out their lists and unsubscribe to people who sent too many emails.

This action of unsubscribing from people when they promote is something that scares a LOT of business owners and keeps them from sending emails.

I touched on this a week ago and I’ll say it again.

If an individual unsubscribes from your list it’s because they DON’T WANT YOUR OFFERINGS.

If that’s the case, you do NOT WANT THESE PEOPLE ON YOUR LIST. Period. End of story.

If someone is annoyed that you are sending multiple emails during a time when pretty much everyone is also sending emails….give me a break. They don’t value you or your content that much.

And that’s okay. Let them go.

This is a great time to talk about what your list is ACTUALLY for because people forget. Your list isn’t designed to be a community. (If you want that, create a facebook page) It’s meant to be a customer list. These people should either be existing customers or people waiting around to become customers because they are fans of your offers and services and want them. They aren’t doing you a favor by being on your list. Your goal shouldn’t be to avoid contact as much as possible as to not bug them and have them unsubscribe.

You want to delight, entertain, and inform the people who will become your customers, not the people who will never buy but want to stick around and get your freebies.

You wouldn’t be on Anthropologie's list if you didn’t like the aesthetic or their products or services, would you? Nooooo.

But because most businesses are taught to use any means necessary to get people on their database, they are terrified to make any waves or offend anyone.

Your list only has value if it’s full of people who are dying to buy your services. If your list isn’t like that then what’s the point of having one? You are just hanging out and giving people free content and not making any money.

But how do you make sure you are creating great content that ---

  • Creates loyal customers

  • Keeps  people engaged and excited about your offers

  • Inspires them to hit the “buy” button whenever you ask

It’s all about getting really intentional about the content you create. In Money Words Monthly, I give my subscribers blog posts and emails to send every month with the intention of making sales. These scripts aren’t the typical ones you see out there because while the intention is to help, the goal is always to make the sale. You want to make sure that your customers get used to you making the ask and that every week they are making the decision intentionally to buy or not buy what you are selling.

Again, think about Anthropologie. You open the email and see what’s available and you make a decision everytime: am I just looking or do I want something today?

You gotta do that too.

Don’t just create content that you know will get people on your list. Create content that will make people want to buy OR decide to get off your list because they get annoyed with you asking.

Listen, it’s December and you are most likely thinking more about egg nog than marketing but guess what you need to buy eggnog? MONEY! And the best way to make money as a business owner? You gotta tell people what you do and why they should get it right now.


WHAT DO YOU WRITE? That’s why Money Words Monthly is here to provide you with the very best content you can send to your audience right now and make a sale so that you can buy that eggnog! YAY! When you sign up for Money Words Monthly you get access to marketing-in-a-box for your business. EVERYTHING you need to inspire people to hit the buy button. WOHOO! Best news? It’s only 27/month. That’s less than you’ll pay for coffee this month.


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