10 Fundamentals Of A Course Creation

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Welcome to day 10 of 15 Days Of Content! Today is an awesome day because we are talking about course creation!  Over the past few years I’ve created over 80 courses, classes, and pdfs and so I know a thing or two about how to build create courses and program. Today I’m sharing 10 Fundamentals everyone should know if they want to create a course. LET’S DO THIS!


1. Only teach what you know and have proven to be effective at helping people do: Ya’ll! Don’t create a course doing something you’ve never done or can’t prove you can help people with. It’s just BAD NEWS. You most likely do have something awesome to share with people BUT test it before you try to make money doing it.


2. Don’t build a course off of a theoretical problem, make sure people actually have it: Can you look at your course and say “oh yeah, this solves a problem I’ve actually SEEN someone have?” If not, shift your course so it’s a clear need that people have, even if they aren’t sure your solution is the one that will be best for them. It’s not enough to have an idea for a course, you need to make sure people will actually want it.


3. Give people what they need to succeed not what you want them to know: It’s important to note that online course creation is not like school. Your goal isn’t to give your customers a ton of information and test them on it. You want to give them EXACTLY what they need to take action, not all of the cool knowledge you have about the topic. That’s a huge difference. I’ll talk more about this in a bit but don’t think in terms of lots of info download, focus on the core pieces of information needed to take the action you want them to take.


4. Every point should have an action to go with it: This goes with the last point. If you are telling them something, ask them what action can they take to really understand and implement what you are saying. It can be something small but you want to ask them to do something to keep them engaged and moving forward.


5. An overwhelmed mind never implements: Try to think of ways to put your clients on the path to clarity as soon as possible, especially if you have a really big course. Create quizzes and record videos to guide them through the process easily. Also try to give them a small win at the beginning so they feel inspired to keep going.


6. Don’t try to do it all in one course: Don’t add EVERYTHING in your course. Nobody will ever finish it. (Trust me, I know)


7. Have a tangible result: Make sure that your course can provide a result they can see, taste, touch, and experience and not just a theoretical idea or concept. This is SUPER important both for the students in the course and for when you are marketing your course.


8. Keep it simple: SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE -- If your course confuses you AS YOU WRITE IT, your clients are gonna be super confused too!


9.Don’t be afraid to make changes: Nothing is set in stone. I’m always revising, editing, and making things better. It’s the MOST important to GET IT OUT IN THE WORLD first and then you can make it a masterpiece


10. Beta test, beta test, beta test: I always beta test every course before I actually  put it out into the world. Don’t sell something you can’t confidently say helps people because when it comes time to write those emails and talk about it, you’ll quickly run out of things to say.


That’s it! Those are the 10 Fundamentals For Course Creation and that’s day 10 (OMG!) of the 15 days of content :)  We are in the HOME STRETCH now. Look out for day 11 tomorrow! :)


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