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I’m going to let you in behind-the-scenes of my creation process. Once I create a new thing I always stop and write a list. What’s in this list? Well, I always write at least 10 reasons why someone needs this offering right now. It’s day 11 so we are adding 1 more but the principle is still the same. I use this list as my go-to resource for whenever it’s time for me to write a blog post and add a promo at the end or talk about Money Words Monthly on social media. If you can’t think of at least 11 reasons why someone needs your awesome offering, you might not need to be selling it OR you need to spend more time with your offer, figuring it out. I like picking out 10 (or 11) because it’s REALLY HARD but if I can come up with them, I’m excellent at selling the offer.


Today is less of a presentation of information but more of an invitation for you to create your list for your own offers. Think about something you want to sell a LOT of in 2019 and create a list for that offer!  I want to have 2k people in MWM by the end of 2019 and so I’m gonna use that and I’ll share my list so you have some ideas of the types of things you can say about your offer.


Here are 11 Reasons Why You Should Buy Money Words Monthly 

  1. You get ideas on what to post, even if you don’t use the template.

  2. You get templates for BLOG POSTS, which you can’t get anywhere. MWM is the only program that does it.

  3. The scripts are not just for “business coaches” or “coaches” in general, anyone can use them, with an emphasis on people who sell intangibles

  4. They convert -- I’m using the same scripts I’ve used to make huge sales

  5. You get practice getting in front of your audience consistently

  6. You’ll make more sales if you use the Money Words

  7. You get access to me once a month for less than 1% of my usual rates

  8. You never have to worry if you are using sales-focused language, it’s built into the offers

  9. You get to practice your sales skills without having to figure out what to say on your own

  10. Your posts get more engagement and requests because each post is designed with that in mind

  11. You’ll feel confident in your business and the value you provide


My list is actually WAY longer, I think I have over 50 on my list but that’s the list I’ve been using lately to sell Money Words Monthly.


What’s your list? Hit reply and send it to me if you need some accountability!


I don’t even need to do promo for our sponsor today! Just read those 11 reasons why and you’ll know why Money Words Monthly is by far the best $27 you’ll spend every single month. Just today we’ve had 2 people who left come back because they missed the awesome service.


You can grab it here!


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