12 Good Business Habits For 2019

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IT’S DAY 12! Can you believe it? I can’t!  2019 IS right around the corner and the new year means it’s time to start implementing new habits that will make your business run way smoother. These are a combo of ones I’m already doing AND ones I plan to do in the new year. Hit reply and let me know which one of these you’ll try.


  1. Check your email only 1-2 times a day: Email = the ultimate TIME SUCK and major distraction. It’s also a huge FLOW KILLER and great way to procrastinate. It’s easy to center your day (and business) around what’s happening in your inbox but that’s not your business. I’ve already started trying this and it’s REAL hard but #2 is going to help me do it.

  2. Start collecting FAQ for an autoresponder to cut down on emailing time: I can’t wait to try this! I see people do it and it looks like it works great.

  3. Put all your passwords and log-ins in one place: I use LASTPASS for all my passwords and it’s a game changer for my business. No more worrying about security or passwords.

  4. Writing emails at least once a week to your audience: I’ve said all I can about this. Email marketing is so important! Doesn’t matter what stage you are in business you need to talk to your audience.

  5. Focus on mastering one traffic/audience building strategy: Podcasts, Instagram, SEO, guest posting...pick one and stick to it for the long haul to get some results

  6. Interviewing your existing clients as often as possible: It’s a great way to get good intel about what your clients are actually wanting and loving instead of trying to guess at it.

  7. Track the numbers that matter to you: I don’t really care about my list number or my traffic but I do care about how many people are in Money Words Monthly so I create goals and track according to THAT number and everything else just flows from there. Most numbers are vanity metrics. Only focus on what’s real.

  8. Write down phrases your potential and current clients say over and over again: This goes with #6. I have a huge document full of phrases and words my clients say and I add to it all the time

  9. Email someone you’d like to connect with each week

  10. Collect your favorite content all in one place: It’s always nice to have a list of “Greatest Hits” in case you need it  

  11. Meet up with your audience LIVE at least once a week: People want to see and hear you! Figure out a way to communicate with your audience directly on the regular.

  12. Have “no work” times: I really like working on Sundays because it makes Monday easier but I don’t usually work on Fridays and I don’t do anything after 7:00pm for my business unless I have to! It’s easy to make yourself a huge part of your business and having NO times really helps to break things up


That’s day 12 of the 15 days of content! We are almost done!


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