13 Words And Phrases To Avoid In Your Copy (For Real)

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It’s day 13! WE OUT HERE! Let’s dig in! The 15 days of Content = almost over but don’t worry! The next few days are SO SO GOOD and you’ll have lots of amazing action steps you can take to finish the year out right.


I’ve talked a LOT about words to avoid in your copy. In fact I have a list of 112 Words you should be avoid in your copy but which words are the absolute worst? I’ve picked the 13 worst offenders. Make sure you don’t have these words in your copy in 2019, my friend. Your sales copy will THANK YOU FOR IT.


These words aren’t necessarily bad but they are democratic words. What’s a democratic word? It’s a word that’s used so widely that doesn’t mean anything. You see it and just skip over it without thinking twice.










Killer _________


I think _________

Find your ___________

Unlock your ___________


These are phrases that are used so much they don’t mean anything and you don’t want to write copy that doesn't make people want or feel anything new so get rid of them.


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