15 Reasons Why People Didn’t Buy Your Thing

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This is it! This is DAY 15 of the 15 Days Of Content! I can’t believe I did it and I’m so proud of the content I’ve been creating for you over the last 15 days. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I did it. How did I think through all of this content? It’s because I LOVE creating content and writing emails. It’s fun and I’m really passionate about it. I’m also really good at it which is why business is all about helping YOU create awesome content like this! DAY 15 let’s do it!


Today is actually an update of one of my favorite blog posts of all time -- 27 Reasons Why People Didn’t Buy Your Thing. I think it’s important to talk about this because business is a lot like love. It’s a numbers game. You’ve gotta put yourself out there over and over again and then something just HAPPENS and you hit on THE THING people really want.


Just like with dating it helps if you are clear about who you are and what you are about and you present yourself in the most you way possible but it’s also just luck and consistency and being out there.


Here are 15 totally random reasons why your customers didn’t buy your last offer, with an emphasis on the ones I’ve highlighted because these are the ones you can do something about.


  1. Nobody knows what the hell you are talking about

  2. Your audience only hears about it once-in-a-blue-moon and then you email about it all the time

  3. Your audience has not been primed for your offer yet

  4. Your copy sucks and your business is “cool” but they don’t NEED it

  5. They are still deciding and nothing you’ve written has gotten them off the fence yet

  6. It’s cold outside

  7. They didn’t know you had an offer

  8. They aren’t sure if the offer is for them

  9. They aren’t the right target market for your offer

  10. Their credit card is all the way across the room

  11. Your emails aren’t selling it

  12. Your opt-in isn’t a good fit for your offer

  13. Your list is used to getting stuff for free and just figure they can wait for it

  14. You don’t like the offer that much but you are still selling it

  15. You don’t create enough content to illustrate the need for it


I have like 100 more reasons but I’ll stop it here with these top 15. GUYS! That’s it! The 15 days of Content = DONE.


PHEW. WE DID IT! Let me know: what did you like best? What do you want me to write more about in 2019?!?! AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HAVE YOU SIGNED UP FOR MONEY WORDS MONTHLY?


I have biiiiiig plans for it and you’ll want IN while you still can at this awesome price. If you knowwww you want to make more sales in 2019, you need Money Words Monthly, my friend!


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