How To Build Intangible Offers People Buy

When you buy a pair of shoes, it’s an easy exchange. You are going to the store, giving the clerk money and seeing the shoes. The value is clearly there because you can SEE IT.

Same goes for buying and service with a clear deliverable. If you sign up for my Sales Copy Course, you’ll get sales copy. Super simple, right?

But what about those of us who sell things that aren’t as simple to identify and lock down? What then?

How do you market and sell your services when they don’t have something physical at the end to show for it?


How do you market and sell something that results in a feeling or state of being vs. something physical?

Here are some tips for making your offers pop:

Keep it simple

A lot of people try to do too much with their offers. They overcommit, they over-promise and add a lot of bells and whistles to make their services feel more valuable. Too many offers in general can leave people confused. At the end of the day people don’t really care the who, they just want to know what they get.

It’s kind of like going to a diner and looking at a huge menu. It’s so overwhelming there is nowhere to start. In the end you just don’t end up ordering anything.

Make sure your offers don’t overwhelm people out of buying from you.

What’s the offer? How will it help me?

Keep it simple.

Create windows vs. walls

It’s easy to get caught up in the language we personally use to talk about any given thing. Think of that like creating a wall instead of a window into your work. The less time you spend educating people and showing people what they are getting, the less likely they are to pull the trigger and buy.

Look at your offer and ask yourself: are you making it easy for people to take a peek into your world?

The transformation matters

What is the before and after picture for someone who needs help with type of work you do? What’s that transformation? All offers have some type of transformative element and by clearly articulating that before/after picture, your potential client can more easily see themselves utilizing your offer. You want people to be able to look at your offer and say “oh, I can totally see how that could work” vs. “I don’t get it but maybe it works?” Nobody is going to buy from that place. What is the transformation process for someone? Get clear on the experience.

What are the tangible benefits in your life?

Even though the stuff you are selling might not be anything you can taste, touch or feel, there are still tangible benefits of the work you do, even if it doesn’t feel like it. It’s all cause and effect. You help them do something and as a result they can _______. BE SPECIFIC. Those are all benefits that you could be using to anchor your offer and make it less risky for the consumer.

Brand your offers

Nobody wants your 1-on-1 coaching sessions but they love the results of those sessions. One of the biggest lessons in business is to know that nobody really buys things just because, they buy things because it will help them. Just because you believe that an offer is valuable, doesn’t mean anyone else does. Just like your business, your offers need to be branded too. If someone goes to tell their friends what your offer provides, what do you tell them? How would they describe it? If a potential client can’t explain your offer to a friend, selling it will be really hard. The same tools you use to brand your business should be the same techniques used to brand your offer.

What are the colors? What’s the style? Do you have a core mission? A target market? All very important questions to ask.

What offers are you working on? Do any of those tips help you clarify more?

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Kaitlyn Kessler