Why Creatives Struggle To Make Their Businesses Work

Have you ever bought something that you know is super popular, get it and realize that it totally sucks? Here it is, this offer/product/book/whatever from this bazillion figure entrepreneur, surely it should be groundbreaking, right? Not necessarily.

This is something that comes up in my 1-on-1 sessions a lot. Why is it that people who aren’t that great seem to make their way to the top? Shouldn’t the best people be the most popular/profitable?

Yeah, no.

It’s much harder for “artists” to make money than it is for regular people to make money, which is why the most artistic, innovative and amazing ideas often don’t make it to the big stage.

When I talk about “artists” I mean anyone who considers themselves a creative and/or has a deep emotional connection to their work.

Why do artists struggle?

  • Artists have big egos and struggle with process, progress and moving forward. Because we have a really high opinion of ourselves and the work we do, we struggle with finishing what we start

  • Artists can be IMPATIENT and will move on to a new project vs. stay focused and finish this one

  • Artists are very emotionally fragile and are easily deterred by emotional turmoil and are prone to breakdowns.

  • You might suffer from comparison and depression because you know you are good enough and get frustrated that the world hasn't figured it out yet.

  • Artists and creatives can be unorganized and reject systems

  • Artists get caught up in the process

  • You might not like feedback or bad news

This happens a lot with movie directors. The people who often get the jobs are proficient, reliable and easy to work with, but not necessarily artistic. That’s why we have so many bad movies out there and the good movie directors are harder to find.

On the other hand, regular folks just do. Someone tells them what to do and they do it. They aren’t afraid of numbers, feedback or bad news. They experiment, create and let things go…no emotional attachment. They just do the work and take the steps and eventually, things happen.

I’m not saying this to frustrate you or to make you upset, it’s to let you know that you are gonna work harder to override your personal wiring to make your business work. You have to be committed. You have to show up.

This isn’t to say creative people can’t be successful. It happens a lot. Whenever someone artistic is able to make it happen it’s because they are working really hard to keep all of the other stuff in check. I love creating and experimenting but I hate bad news, struggle with feedback and have a hard time being organized and constantly have to work at it.

Changing my target market transformed my life. I’m devoted to helping soul-powered businesses make money but a lot of this is an uphill battle because a lot of you are artists and struggle with these things.

It is not enough to be good. It’s important for you to know that being good is not the thing that will lead you to the six-figure gates.

Being good, staying consistent and doing the work will get you there. You have to focus on progress that’s incremental. It’s not all gonna happen at once.

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Kaitlyn Kessler