3 Emails Every Entrepreneur (in Every Niche) Can Send and Get Sales

In the last post I talked about the “why” behind emails that don’t result in sales. I also mentioned that it’s not all bad news. You don’t have to be PERFECT all the time. In fact, trying to be “perfect” with your content just leads to overwhelm, confusion and inconsistency. Instead of trying to be “perfect” you should try to be strategic and focused a few times a month and then try your best to keep people’s attention and focus the rest of the time. This is a great place to start if you are a non-writer who doesn’t love social media.

If you can, focus on a few focused touch points throughout the month and forget the rest until you can wrap your head around it a little better.

If you create one great blog post and/or email that is super focused on sales, you will see a huge difference in your sales on a day-to-day basis. To get you started, I’m going to share 3 types of emails you can send to your list to get some clients in the door. Okay, let’s break it down:

Email type #1: A High-Value Problem Focused Email

This email highlights a problem your customer has that is on top of their mind MOST when it comes to the problem you solve with your business. This style of email works because since it is a problem they think about a lot, they are highly likely to open the email when it arrives at their inbox. You’ve totally had this experience, right? You’ve seen a subject line and been like “omg, I need that.” That’s the high-value problem email. The email itself should talk about what the problem is, give the “what” of the solution but not the how. That “how” should come by working with you.

Examples of high-value problem focused emails:

  • Can’t find patio furniture that fits?

  • Okay, you’ve deleted tinder for a 5th time…..

  • When you are too busy to eat healthy….

  • How much do you actually owe in taxes?

  • Think you’ll never find anything good to read?

Email type #2: The Personal Story/Why You

This email highlights your personal connection to the work you do and gives a story that inspires people to work with you. Have you ever seen a really good facebook post and wanted to follow that person and work with them because of how passionate and clear they are? That’s what you want to recreate with this email. You want to tell a story that explains HOW you got to doing the work you are doing now. Maybe a client had a problem you solved in a unique way. Perhaps YOU struggled with this for a long time and finally figured it out. Think of this email like a story.

  • This happened….

  • It made me feel….

  • I discovered…

  • So I….

  • New reality…..

  • Then you introduce the offer

So, for example:

  • I tried to write a movie

  • I felt discouraged and overwhelmed because of all the options out there and never got done and the movie never happened

  • I discovered that way would never work for me

  • So I put together a new system to help me after studying lots of books

  • And now it takes me less than 6 months to write a movie

  • I’ve turned this into….

That’s how the story email works! Moving on….

Email type #3: The Disruptor

This email is all about disrupting your industry and showcasing how you are different from all of the people they’ve worked with before. Most people have been trying to get help with the problem you solve for a WHILE now. By disrupting your market with a message that is unique and shocking, you show people you have a different approach. I also call this email the “they do this but I do this” email. Think about a commonly believed (but you know is bullshit) idea in your industry and go against that. Be controversial! Disrupt!

The email lays out WHY that way is the wrong way and how there is another option if they’d like it. Working with you!

Examples of disruptive emails:

  • That diet will never work

  • Why it’s time to get rid of Pinterest

  • Want to get that stain off your carpet? Stay off youtube.

  • Why work/life balance is bullshit

Those are 3 emails you can send to your list (once a month) and start getting some sales.

GUYS! Something exciting to share.

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Kaitlyn Kessler