3 Mindsets To Embrace If You Want To Make Sales All The Time

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Ready for day 3 of the 15 days of content? Here it is!

Want to make more sales in your business? It’s not enough to want it. You gotta change a few things to get it. Here are 3 mindsets to embrace if you want to make sales in your business consistently, and they are not what you think.

Mindset 1: Man, I am SAD for the people who won’t get to be a part of this

People often make the mistake of creating offers that they aren’t absolutely crazy about and in love with and wonder why they aren’t making the sales they want to make. The truth is that selling is a LONG TERM thing and you are going to have to talk about and promote your offer a lot. It doesn’t stop. If you can’t conjure up an almost cocky confidence in what you are creating, it’s nearly impossible to talk about your offer as much as you need to in order to make sales.

I am able to sell Money Words Monthly all the time...all day and every day because I truly believe that the offer is not only helpful but is a game changer for businesses that use the content on a daily basis. I never run out of things to say and I NEVER get tired of hyping up the offer. I love it.

There is also a HUGE difference between an offer you LOVE and an offer you know helps people but you don’t love it. Many business owners get stuck doing things they are good at because it helps people but then wonder why they lose steam and passion for it along the way.

You can only do work that only serves the needs of other people for so long. Eventually, you want to do work that feels good for you too.

Mindset 2:  Money is always on the way in EXACTLY the way I want

The more broke and desperate you feel, the less money you will make.

I used to HATE when people talked about money mindset because it felt like bullshit but when it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s really true. You can’t fall victim to scarce and broke feelings because people can FEEL IT. People can sense it and it’s gross. Have you ever been to a shop and had someone sell something to you and they seemed super desperate and needy? It makes you question the value.

If they are having so many financial problems and feel so broke -- is this thing I’m buying even going to be good? Is it worth it? Do I want this? How will the experience be?

It’s not anything conscious and it’s not personal but that’s typically what comes to mind. You also create more and more circumstances to act out of fear.

  • You say yes to things you want to say no to which leaves less room for the RIGHT things.

  • You take on clients and projects you know won’t be a good fit but you “want the money.”

It’s never good. Don’t ever be in that desperate place with your business because once you are there, it’s really hard to get out and you keep creating circumstances for money to not come to you in the way you really want.

Mindset 3: I am NOT my business

You are a person. Your business is your business. Sometimes you have to make decisions that make YOU uncomfortable but are good for your business. If you keep the mindset that they are both the same, you’ll always hold yourself back because you might never take the steps required to help your BUSINESS grow because you aren’t ready yet.

You’ll also be in situations where people will want to say NO to your business or critique your business. That’s a part of being a business owner and if you absorb every comment anyone makes as an indictment on you and your character, you will drive yourself bananas and never get anywhere.

This is something I’d do. I would make whatever was happening to me impact my business or even worse have whatever was happening in my business say something about who I was as a person or how much value I had.

You can imagine how hard it becomes to make sales consistently if everything is so delicate and fragile. You are always a slave to breakdowns and stall outs that way. You are the CEO of a business, you are not the business itself.

Those are 3 mindsets to embrace if you want to make more sales. STAY TUNED for day 4 of 15 Days Of Content, presented by Money Words Monthly.  4 Types Of Emails Everyone Needs To Write! WOHOO! SEE YOU SOON!


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