3 Unconventional (and Free) Ways to Launch Your Product Right Now

I am in the middle of week 3 of Dedicated To Done and we are working on figuring out our sales systems. What is a sales system you ask? Well it’s a set of steps you put in place with the goal of getting someone to buy something. While you might think that the only way you can make money is to do a “traditional launch” you’d be wrong. The DTD crew are all launching their offers slightly differently and I figured I would share a few launch approaches you might not have considered before. All of these are 100% free, by the way. I’m not teaching facebook heavy product launches because ahem….I don’t use them that much because I suck at them.

Market your waiting list until it’s ready and then send an email invitation

This is how my client Jessica is doing it. She’s building a great product, The Side Hustler’s Study Guide and is currently on the “sales page writing” stage. In the meantime, she announced the study guide to her list and sent them all to a waiting list. You can read the actual email here. She can then send those people some warm-up content and send an email invitation. No major tech required. YAY!

Write facebook posts and do lives to tease your offer and invite people to learn more via facebook messenger

I sold more than half my spots for Dedicated To Done this way and I didn’t even have a sales page. It’s authentic, honest and straight-forward PLUS if you’ve been posting and being a resource (via facebook live or posts) that group should already be pretty warm. I’m really good at writing these and it’s something I’m teaching my DTD crew too, by request.

Record a quick video and put a link under it

I use this approach too! You don’t need to be super fancy with the set up. I did mine with my webcam! This also worked really well and has worked in the past too. Want to make it even MORE effective? Send personalized videos. I used that approach to sell my SHAZAMs a few years ago and it worked really well.

You don’t need ANY fancy tech-set up for ANY of these and you don’t need facebook ads BUT you do need 3 things.

  1. Ramp-up content so that when you release your thing, people are actually paying attention

  2. An offer that’s CLEAN. That means it’s laser focused about target market and star results and you believe in it 100% so your low-tech launch approach makes people want it, even if it’s without all of the fluff.

    SIDE-NOTE: Sales copy actually makes a sale HARDER. Sometimes you need the space to explain and to make your case but if you don’t (because your offer is clean and straightforward), don’t worry about it!

  3. Solid language that makes it clear what it is, who it’s for that speaks to the results -- even if it’s not a lot of copy.

Those are 3 unconventional (and free) ways to launch something really quickly. If you would like to learn exactly how to execute one of these launches AND have someone who will bug you to make sure it’s done, check out Dedicated To Done! I decided to make this experience ROLLING enrollment but space is superrr limited so if you want in, hit reply and I’ll give you more details.

Oh, one more thing:

Dedicated To Done is not for business beginners. Lo siento! You must have been in business for at least 2 years in order to participate. You must have some type of web presence (even if it sucks, I can fix it) and you must have worked with clients, even if it’s inconsistent. This is NOT an experience for beginners, mkay? But I still LOVE ya’ll.

Still in? Cool go there!

Kaitlyn Kessler