4 Types Of Emails And Sequences To Write For Your Business

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It's day 4 of the 15 days of content, and I’m back! Today is about email. Emails are by far my FAVORITE way to communicate with my audience and make sales and I love a good email sequence. While people are always obsessing about funnels and complicated sequences, you only need to know how to create a few key sequences in your business to get your business started.

1. The Welcome Sequence: Most people join your list and don’t know anything about you or your offers and so they are likely not to buy. By creating a Welcome Sequence, you are guiding them through a clear process of getting to know you and your business and preparing them for you to talk about your offerings and services. Think of it this way: if you see a pair of shoes you are not likely to buy them right then if you don’t have experience with the brand. If you see a pair of shoes you like from a brand you already love, you are way more likely to hit the buy button. Your Welcome Sequence prepares people to hit “buy” when the time comes. Typically 4-5 emails.

Example Emails:

  • Welcome

  • What your industry is doing and why it’s wrong

  • Your Approach

  • Testimonial/Client Story

  • What they should do next

2. Quick Money Sequence:  As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to know that you can profit quickly -- whenever you need and want money in your life. The best way to do this is through a quick email sequence you send to your list. It’s almost like a mini-launch. The goal is to get people excited for a really exclusive offer for a limited number of people. I use sequences like these a lot, in fact we just did a big one for the Shenee Sunday sale 2 weeks ago!

Example Emails:

  • Pre-frame the sequence by talking about a problem they have

  • Introduce the offer

  • FAQ

  • Follow up

3. The Once-A-Month Push Sequence:  So many people only know how to ask for the sale when they are launching and it’s really difficult to launch ALL THE TIME. That’s why I always like to teach people to  do a once-a-month push via social media and email to inspire people to buy every single month. This is a huge part of Money Words Monthly too. If you want to make sales every month without having to stress out about when or how they’ll happen,you need to know how to do a simple once-a-month push. Typically consists of 1-2 emails with social media backup and help to  bridge to the sale. The goal is to create an overall story for the week and then execute that story via emails.

Example Emails (Story Ideas):

  • How to succeed if you’ve tried a million times before

  • Why some people can succeed doing it the old way but you can’t

  • The truth behind what it takes to accomplish your goals

4. Authority Building Posts And Emails: You want to remind people that you are the BOSS at what you teach and the absolute BEST person to help with whatever problems they might be having in their life. Your customers might be trying to decide between a few different options and you want them to choose YOU so these posts are great for making it clear that you have something unique to provide and they can’t what you give to people any other place.

Example Emails:

  • Share your expertise with the work you do

  • Break down a client’s success

  • Give some truthbombs nobody else will share

Those are the 4 Emails and Sequences every business owner needs to know how to write and that’s it for DAY 4 of the 15 Days of Content. Tomorrow is day 5! Make sure you are around to read it! It’s a good one!

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