4 Types Of Social Media Posts That Encourage Sales

How do you even DO social media? That seems to be the question I get the most lately. With a new platform popping up every few months, where should you focus the energy. Here is my philosophy on social media in a nutshell:

Do what feels good to you.

But let’s back up a bit.

What is social media even for?

Social media has 2 purposes.

  1. To attract new audiences

  2. To make your “fans” want to buy

Let’s say that you are on the Instagram for your favorite restaurant. The photos will typically be styled and set up to make someone who doesn’t know the restaurant be like “MMMMMM I WANT SOME OF THAT!” and for someone who does know the restaurant but hasn’t gone in a while be like “Man, I haven’t been in a while! I should go!”

This is how social media works.

Everything you post on social media should either attract new people or convert existing followers. --- Tweet This

So back to the original question:

The best way to do social media is to find a platform that makes you feel comfortable and use it as consistently as possible. This is the #1 way to have social media actually work for you and it’s also why big audiences on the platforms don’t always make for big sales. If your posts aren’t educating or enticing, nobody will buy.

You do NOT have to be on every platform out there because nobody can be good at everything but you need to be consistent on whatever platform you choose.

Which platform FEELS like you? What gets people to understand and “get” what it’s like to work with you?

Start there and with each post -- ask yourself:

  • Is this attracting new people?

  • Is this making your fans want to buy?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your content has to be a series of ads. A photo of you and a cute dog makes people want to connect more with you. An image of your workspace makes people know that you are serious about your work. A post about social justice lets people know what type of values you have. All of these factors contribute in someone wanting to invest in you.

Here are 4 Types Of Posts That Encourage Sales With Social Media

1. The Preview: What do you have going on? What’s happening next? A preview is kind of like a trailer of a movie, it should give a sense of tone and what the offer is about while still leaving plenty of room for people to wanna buy.

EX: A photo of the outfit you plan to wear to your live event.

2. Storytelling: This post tells a story that puts everything else you do into context and makes them “get” what you do even more. This is especially good for my “woo” crew.

EX: A story featuring a client that charts their results from beginning to end.

3. Education: What is a fact or figure that’s really eye-opening and will help your target market understand why they need to work with you more?

EX: Did you know that 80% of the people who hit your site don’t make it to the second page? Why does that happen?

4. Behind-The-Scenes: People like to see how things happen. Think about the movie example again. The process of creating something makes people feel like they are a part of the process and want to buy.

EX: A picture of you filming videos for your digital course you are selling

Your assignment for this week is to create one post a week that matches up with each of these social media types. Tag me in the comments if you have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so I can give you gold stars.

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Kaitlyn Kessler