5 TellTale Signs You Don’t Have Enough Clarity

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It's Day 5 of the 15 days of content! Let's go!

Is your business confusing? This seems like a silly question but a lot of businesses go about fixing the symptoms of the problem of a confusing business but don’t actually figure out how to stop being confusing. That’s mostly because a lot of people don’t know their businesses are confusing. As an expert, you might look at your content and think to yourself that it all makes perfect sense because you are the expert. Everyone else might not be so sure. Here are 5 ways to know that your brand needs clarifying.

1. People don’t respond to your content...at all

If your content isn’t getting a lot of actual engagement and conversation, it’s because people don’t fully understand what you are talking about or the concept isn’t clear. You should be able to send a piece of content and spark a conversation and have people relate to what you are saying. If not, it might because they just don’t get it and if they don’t get your content, they most likely don’t understand your business as a whole.

2. You have to explain specific aspects of your business over and over in detail

Does it take you a LONG time to explain your business? It might be a little unclear. You should be able to explain what your business is and who it’s for in one sentence. If it requires you to do a monologue to get it out, you might be a little confused and the people you want to help will absolutely be confused too.

3. Your copy doesn’t convert well

Your copy and content always acts as the window into the soul of your business. While an individual might like you and love the idea of you, they won’t buy unless your copy is strong and CLEAR. A confused mind never buys so if your customers are confused, that is most likely a huge reason why your copy might not be converting.

4. You have a LOT of offers that seem to work for a lot of people

You should really only have 2-3 offers for a select target market. If you are trying to create too many offers for too many people, it’s because you haven’t quite decided who exactly you want to work with and how you want to help them. While it makes sense to try to help as many people as possible, you’ll only make life harder for yourself when it comes time to sell.

5. When it comes time to write a piece of content, you never know what to write

When you are super clear about who you are and what your business is about, you always have plenty to say about your work and you never run out of content. If writing a blog post or a email draws a blank for you, it’s most likely time to focus on getting some clarity about what your business is really about and what you should be doing.

Those are 5 ways to know that your business isn’t as clear as it should be for 2019. What to do? Well, that’s kind of a complicated question but I always think it’s best to focus on a few “clarity questions” that I ask everyone.

  • What is the one result you love to get for people?

  • What can you do that nobody else can do?

  • What is someone’s before and after working with you?

  • What type of person do you LOVE helping?

DAY 5 is done! Day 6 is coming at you tomorrow, get excited for it!

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