7 Things I Did Wrong In My Business

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Welcome to day 7 of The 15 Days Of Content as presented by Money Words Monthly! :) Today I’m talking about mistakes I’ve made in my business career so you can avoid them. Don’t do these things….they never work.


1. Putting my energy towards things I thought would work….not because I liked them but because everyone else was doing it and I thought it would get me money

I got to this point when I just figured I had no clue what the fuck I was doing at any given point and so I looked to my peers to see what they were doing and would try some of the stuff they did. I never tried their strategies because I liked them but because I felt like that would give me the most success. This never works, like I’ve mentioned before if you don’t like a thing and don’t actually want to do it, selling it is gonna be a real PITA. If you don’t like a strategy, forcing yourself to do it will be a real drag.  I kept pushing and wondering “why isn’t this working?” when it’s because the universe is like “BUT WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? IT’S NOT WHAT YOU WANT?” Just skip to the part when you are doing something that is a mixture of your genuine interest and wants and your clients needs. That’s always the most sustainable solution. This leads to the second thing I did wrong in my business.


2. Focusing on what other people wanted from me vs. what I wanted

If you got the Black Friday Bundle, you know that I’ve created a LOT OF STUFF over the years. Why? Because people asked me to! Often business owners get lost in the sauce and get confused in their businesses because they spend the majority of their time changing and editing what they do based off of whoever they are working with at the time.  You’re doing one thing and someone says “oh, I need this” and suddenly you’re doing something totally different. Get clear on what you want and do that. Trust the right person will find you so you won’t have to work with the wrong ones.

3. Deciding that everyone else knows better than I do about my business

Earlier this year, I was on the hunt for a copywriter. You are probably like “why?” I know, I wonder what the heck I was thinking now too. I went through this stage of asking everyone else what I should do in my business to reach my next big step. It got so bad I was scared to make decisions in my business without consulting and asking people first. I figured maybe another copywriter could do a better job with my stuff than I did. No. They can’t. People can only give you advice from their experience and a lot of the times it’s just wrong even if it sounds right.


Ultimately, you can get help from people but only YOU know what’s right for your business and it’s your job to trust yourself to make big decisions. If you don’t, you are still stuck in the mindset of an employee instead of actually being a business owner.


4. Not giving things enough time to really work

I feel like this is my gospel. This is my Ted Talk. All awesome things take time to happen. I have created so many products that had the potential to become million dollar earners ON THEIR OWN. They had the marketing behind them. The branding was great. I just never gave any of them time to grow. I’d make my money and move on to the next thing. Whether it’s a strategy or a product or a habit...give it time to work. Not just a week. Not just a month. REAL TIME. That leads me to the fifth thing I’ve done wrong, a million times.


5. Not trusting my gut

If you feel a flicker of a feeling about anything, TRUST YOUR GUT. I had to finally learn this the hard way. Even if it’s a passing of a thought or a ghost of a something...stop and LISTEN TO IT. I make it a habit of saying no to a lot of the people who come to work with me, not because they are bad people or because they are wrong but because something tells me that our work together just won’t be successful for whatever reason. Whenever I don’t listen to that thought  it backfires in big ways. A lot of the times not trusting your gut is EASIER. It’s easier to to say yes to the money or go after the project because you think it’s just a means to an end but it RARELY ends up like that. It’s almost always not the case. You end up in a cycle of not making the best decisions. You don’t need a better reason than the one you have to not do it. Trust me.


6. Overcomplicating things

The best way is always the simplest way, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Whenever I’m uncomfortable or unsure about myself or what I’m doing, I keep adding layers of complication. It’s an avoidance strategy. Maybe I’m not sure if this offer is good. Maybe I’m insecure about something else. The truth is that the more complicated something is, the harder it is to execute and the more likely it is to never happen. Whenever I have an idea or want to do something new, I ask myself: what’s the SIMPLEST way to do this? I go for that first.


7. Taking everything so personally

There was a time when EVERY cancellation of Money Words Monthly would DESTROY ME. I’d take it so personally. This is something i’ve always done. I’m a cancer and I have both a thick skin and skin made of glass. I really want people to be happy and love what I do all the time so sometimes I cling to every person who comes through. This type of thinking will drive you crazy. Same if you are someone who gets in their feelings over every usubscribe or critique or comment. Ultimately, you are not your business (I mentioned that a few days ago and it’s still true) and your business doesn’t say anything about your value.


Those are 7 mistakes I’ve made in my business and day 7 of the 15 days of content! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY ALMOST HALF OVER? Stay tuned for day 8 tomorrow!


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