8 Alternatives To A Webinar For Your Launch

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OH HEYYYY! And we are BACK for day 8 of the 15 Days Of Content Challenge! How are you liking the content!? Hope you are digging it!


OKAY! Today I’m giving you 8 alternatives to a webinar for a launch or a promotion. Before I break down my 8 alternatives, it’s important to first talk about WHY we do webinars and what they are for.


A webinar is more or less a long sales pitch. The goal is to get your customers ready to take profitable action in your business at the end of the pitch. Webinars are just a great way to focus all of your energy into one activity (the webinar) and make your case by the end.

You are trying to bridge the gap between being aware of your offer and actually buying it.


You don’t HAVE to use a webinar to do this, of course. It’s just a way that’s really popular. Anything that inspires people to buy your product or service will do the trick.

1. A free challenge: A lot of business owners create a challenge that leads into a webinar but you don’t actually have to do that. In fact, when I was doing challenges, I never did. The challenge alone seemed to work best WITHOUT the webinar. Bring your audience together to work on something that sets them up for your offer.


2. “Live” Event: I love these and they are a little more casual. You pick a theme for your event and do 3-4 videos on the subject with the goal of getting your ideal customer in the mindset to buy at the end.


3. Email Sequence: I’ve sold lots of things without anything but a email sequence. It’s the most inexpensive way to launch and the lowest risk.


4. Sales Calls: Like I mentioned on day 6, I used sales calls for YEARS to fill my programs and I still use them when necessary. This is my go-to method for new businesses.


5. Sales-focused podcasts:  People LOVE podcasts and most people have weekly appointments with their favorite ones. You can leverage that loyalty to to make sales too


6. A Video Series: video series are often used as tee-ups for a webinar but you don’t NEED them in order for a video series to work. It’s similar to a “live event” but it’s recorded and more focused.  


7. In-Person Event: Get people in a room and tell them about your offers. There is a huge corner of the business world that only sells via live events so if you are someone who hates this internet marketing stuff, it’s something worth looking into for sure.


8. Social Media Campaign: Been on Instagram lately? Youtube? There are a lot of people on there making BIG sales just through social media. You can totally create a social media challenge or an event that gets you clients without the traditional email model. Stores do it all the time!


Those are 8 alternatives to webinars for your launch in the new year and that also wraps up day 8 of the 15 Days Of Content! I’ll be back with day 9 tomorrow :)


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