9 Essential Elements Of A Persuasive Piece Of Copy

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OH BOY OH BOY It’s day 9 of The 15 Days Of Content as presented by Money Words Monthly! We are almost to the end! ARE YOU LOVING IT? Today is a good one. I’m breaking down the 9 Essential Elements Of Great Copy.


Let’s get into it, shall we?


What do I mean by a persuasive piece of copy? This is for ANY piece of copy you’ve written with the intention of inspiring people to take action. These pieces of advice can work with any copy but I’m really focusing on sales copy, launch copy, sales emails, and persuasive social media posts.


You are sending all those, right? RIGHT?!?!


Okay, let’s go:


1. Illustrate their before picture: What is your target market’s experience like BEFORE they find you? What’s their day-to-day look like? What experiences do they find themselves in? How do they feel?


2. Clarify their struggle: Most people don’t have the self-awareness to know exactly what’s going on with them. They might have some ideas but you want them to be sure so that they KNOW you are the right next step for them.


3. Address why it’s been hard for them in the past: This is a great way to show your audience you have a lot of empathy for their struggle and what they are going through. This builds trust and make them believe what you are saying.


4. Tell the story: Don’t speak in platitudes and expert language. You want to make sure everything passes the touch, feel, taste, see test. If they can’t do any of those things, the copy needs to change.


5. Free of any “empty” words: I have a list of 112 words you MUST stop using because they are empty and doing mean anything. What does that mean? When people see them they just IGNORE and move past them. You don’t want that.


6. Make sure you are speaking in your customer’s words: Okay, this one is a little redundant after the last two (following this theme is hard) but you want to make sure you speak in a way your audience understands. So instead of saying “develop your unique identifiable style profile” you’d say “find clothes you will actually like”


7. Show the after picture: What will their lives be like AFTER they work with you? What will change for them? How will they be different? This is key to being persuasive because if your potential customer doesn’t believe you can actually make a change in their lives, they will not buy.


8. Tell them why this time is different: Your target market has tried to solve their problems many times before. What is going to make THIS time different? How will they get a different result?


9. Strong call-to-action: Tell them what to do next. You don’t want them to have to guess or decide. They should know exactly what to do.


PHEW! THAT’S A LOT OF ELEMENTS! You got this, right? It’s OKAY IF YOU DON’T because…..


The  15 Days Of Content is sponsored by Money Words Monthly! I’ve built in all of these elements right into each Money Words Monthly email, blog post, and social media post. You don’t have to worry if you are doing it right or if you are selling, it’s all right in the scripts.







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