Don’t Make This Facebook Ad Mistake


New podcast this week :) It’s a GOOD ONE.

You’ve all been told to invest in facebook ads, right? I agree. It can be a great way to help your business grow faster BUT only if you are really taking full advantage of the platform and your investments.

In this week’s podcast I talk about why you can’t just focus on ads. It’s all about the content that comes before and after that makes the system work.

You can listen to this week’s podcast below.

April is a BIG MONTH for Money Words Monthly.

We have a NEW monthly Money Words coming up, which is all about making your audience 100% aware on what YOU do that other people don’t do. This is SUPER important because your target market isn’t just on your list. Why should they choose you?

The Get Clear. Make Money. Program also started April 1st.

If you are ----

  • Unclear on what your brand is and why people should care about what you do

  • Having a hard time getting people’s attention --- even though you KNOW your work helps people  

  • Not confident enough in your offers so you struggle to ask for the sale

  • Feeling totally disconnected and not excited about your work at all…

Get Clear. Make Money. will help you clarify your business vision and also help you craft (or re-design) your signature offer.

You can get access to that AND all the rest of Money Words Monthly for $650 or lifetime for $997.

Learn more here!

p.s. I’m speaking at the Simply Profitable Designer Summit on April 26th about simplifying client communication so you can successfully lead your clients. You’re invited! Get all the details and grab your free ticket here!

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