Don't Quit and Become a Business Coach

I wasn’t sure if I should write this post.

Some of you will be offended.

Some of you will be relieved.

Just know I am not here to call anyone out, make anyone feel bad or shame anyone, this is just me trying to do my job -- which is not just to TEACH but to encourage you all to do the work you entered the entrepreneurial world to do.

I am in this interior design course I took a while back and my teacher invited me on a call to talk about my space some more and ask me a few questions because she was just getting into making this a business. I encouraged her because I loved the course and I gave her some of my launch advice.

She thanked me and then somehow we got on the topic of the business world. She admitted that she was frustrated because she knows someone who started blogging around the same time she did and is making 40k a month teaching courses to people who want to start blogging vs. doing the work she wanted to do. She was frustrated because through her classes and courses she KNOWS that she can make money that way but LOVES interior design and wants to stick to it.

Most likely, this thought has crossed your mind too. Here you are STRUGGLING trying to make your business work when it seems like all you’d have to do is teach people what you’ve learned in those classes and VIOLA, six figure business.

This is what we are dealing with right now, folks. We have people who are ABANDONING their industries to be business helpers without any qualifications or knowledge and ALSO posting income reports and success stories encouraging people NOT to do what they do but to ALSO MAKE MONEY TEACHING BUSINESS ADVICE SO THEY CAN GET THE SAME RESULTS.

The industry is EATING ITSELF from the inside-out because the market is now BLOATED with people like me (with 6+ years of experience in branding and business building) and people who have 0 qualifications but have taken courses and classes but know they can make the money by teaching other people what their teachers have taught them. Because the training is incomplete, the people who take these classes just turn around and decide to abandon their posts and teach business too.

We now live in a twisted universe where being in business means teaching business and NOT doing what you actually came to entrepreneurship to do.

What. The. Fuck?


This isn't a call to shame these people because there is enough room for everyone but to say that we are going to start running out of people to serve regular consumers.

And this is not because it's SO MUCH HARDER to sell for non b2b -- it's just that the environment has cannibalized other industries and there are no leaders for people to follow as success stories IN their fields, so they can only look to business coaches and compare.

This also means you have business strategists who don’t know how to help people who aren’t business helpers themselves so most people aren’t getting good training and give up before they should.

This has happened a few times in my personal buying history and I don't fault these women for doing it, but it sucks. It really sucks because MY MISSION is to help people do what THEY WANT, not what I do. I also LOVE buying stuff from people and I always need help.

I’ve regularly hired trainers, love coaches, interior design helpers, language teachers, organization experts and other non-business things. I have a coaching session with a body love coach in a few weeks!

My personal clients include a non-profit consultants, a holistic leadership teacher, a skin care designer, a yoga teacher and an interior designer. All have had great results in our work together, we just kept grinding. I've helped people who help diabetics, sell jewelry and are personal chefs.

This is what we should be doing! This is the whole goal and why I do my work. This is why you are here, right? To live your dream?

If you are thinking of abandoning your work to teach business advice, please don't. YOUR WORK IS NEEDED.

I know that's easy for me to say, I don't have to pay your bills or live your life but I just want you to know one thing:

You CAN make a living doing work that isn't just business advice.

I help people do it all the time.

I don’t make big six figure proclamations or five figure a month promises and it’s not because I don’t think those results are possible. It’s because those types of results take time and energy. It takes a lot of work, a lot of research and a lot of trial and error IF YOU ARE DOING THE WORK YOU WANT.

Entrepreneurship isn’t about money it’s about freedom and pretending to be someone you are not is not freedom. -- Tweet this!

It’s hard work -- harder than business coaching (although that is slowly not becoming true because of the market) but it is possible and it’s worth it. This is what I pride myself on. In my classes and courses, my goal is to help EVERYONE, not just business coaches.


It might require more time and more effort. You might have to get a job in the meantime or hustle a little more on the weekends. BUT YOU CAN DO THIS.

Most people find it difficult to keep going and really make it work -- but if you want it, that IS the entrepreneurial dream. It’s not just about the one six figure launch.

It’s about doing what you want and getting paid for it.

Can we get back to that?

P.S -- If this is you -- or you think this is you, know that I still love you and I'm not saying this to pick on you or make you feel bad. If you are teaching business I hope it’s something you LOVE and feel passionate about now, even if you didn’t when you first started. This post isn’t really about you, it’s about people who want to do their work and are being seduced into areas that don’t feel good because they want a specific lifestyle.

If you are a b2c business who wants to learn how to build a business foundation that leads to growth in YOUR INDUSTRY doing the work YOU WANT TO DO, check out my FREE call, make your first $600.

Kaitlyn Kessler