How to Get Clients When You Don't Have it All Figured Out

So I talk a lot about making money wherever you are now but let’s face it: Clarity is a BIG deal when you are talking about sales and here is why:

I have worked with dozens of women on their offerings and clarity is always the biggest hurdle to get over.

If you can not COMMUNICATE the value of your offering, you can’t expect someone to buy it can you?

Have you ever gone to a sales page, read the whole thing and still had NO IDEA what it was and whether or not it was for you? That comes from a lack of clarity.

But what if you aren't exactly sure what the heck you are doing? Or what if you are turning lots and lots of coaching and service providing into an offering and have NO CLUE how to bring it all together?

Message to a very specific emotional story.

People buy products that they can see, touch and feel in their day-to-day lives. We don't think in words or blocks of text. We FEEL and experience.

So let’s pretend that I am a coach. I don’t like to put labels on the type of coaching I do. In fact, I am not sure what exactly I do. I just do it. And there are a MILLION coaches out there that do the same thing. How do I set my services apart? Pick a very specific and real emotional story and stick with it.

Ok, let’s say that my last clients was a writer who wanted desperately to write but couldn't actually sit down and do it. Lots of resistance. Lots of fear. I helped him get past it so that he has the confidence to actually start taking his writing seriously.

So my emotional story would look a little something like this:

You want to do something big but you keep putting it off. And putting it off. And the months and years pile up. You are afraid you will never start doing that thing you really want to do.

That is your story. That is what you are selling. Finishing. You help people start something and actually finish it.

And sure, your coaching might reach beyond, below or under this topic (sometimes you gotta dig really deep to get to some of the good stuff) but ultimately, you help people with this very specific story.

Your copy, your brand, your website all starts serving this specific story.

Oh and by the way, you aren't STUCK with this story forever. You can totally change. But the process to committing to A story and putting all of your energy behind it is EXTREMELY powerful and makes a huge difference.

And yes, you might be able to help people with lots of different stories but I find that learning out to sell one story only helps you with other ones you decide to go with. COMMIT, BABY, COMMIT!

Here’s the one thing you HAVE TO DO: Make sure there is someone who HAS this story. This is so important and one of the biggest reasons why people don’t sell things. They create a story that does not exist for ANYONE and as a result, it doesn't resonate with anyone.

Remember we want to create content in the language of our customers and not from our expert minds.

Your turn: Can you think of one specific emotional story that you can start using as the focus for your next offering? Think about clients you have had in the past or problems you KNOW people struggle with. Post those in the comments and let’s talk about them!

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Kaitlyn Kessler