How to Use Email to Get Your First Client

In the beginning, customers don’t just come to you. You gotta WORK for them.

If you are in this place of “well I built it, where ARE they?” you are going to be waiting for a really long time.

Remember last week when we talked about how to answer one of those posts you always see floating around for help? We are going to take it to the next level.

IMAGINE that you really need something and you find someone who not only tells you that they can help you but takes the extra step of emailing YOU and showing you how they can help you.

That would rock, right?

Let me go back to my health coaching example again. I still haven’t really made a firm decision because I am so overwhelmed with options. I don’t WANT to hunt. I just want the right person to appear in my inbox, so I don’t have to look anymore.

People WANT you to be the person who will solve their problems.

If you truly believe that you can help them, you are doing them a huge solid by emailing them. Let me REPEAT that, yo.

We WANT you to be the one. You are not bothering us. You are helping solve our problems.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story:

Hot Brand Action made it’s big debut January 2012. I didn't have much of a list (I think it was around 120 people) but I had a desire to sell out the class so instead of using traditional launch methods (doing the webinar and the big show to go with it), I just emailed the people that I thought would really love the class.

I sent lots of emails during that time but I also filled the class.

These were people who had been responding to my blog posts or folks I met through classes and most of them signed up. While most of us have a fairly complicated relationship with our gmail accounts, we can feel nothing but happy when the right person lands in our inbox.

So let's do this!

How to Write Your Email

Make sure you have at least had some contact with them. Maybe you haven’t talked to them a lot but you know them well enough to know that they need what you have. Try not to send random emails. You won’t get great results and you’ll just end up agitating them.

This also hits on a greater problem that a lot of people have. If you don’t spend time getting to know people and reaching out to your community, it’s gonna be a HELL of alot harder to get that first client.

It takes TIME to develop relationships and a following and allow yourself the time to create that -- you'll feel more confident emailing people that you know already like you and truly enjoy what you create.

Keep the email short and sweet. Get straight to the point and don’t try to dress the email up as something different. YES you are sending this email because you would like this person to be your client. Guess what? That is OK.


1. State their problem using THEIR words. This is one of the best ways to make your copy REALLY effective. Make sure you are not talking about the problems the way you would be really locking in on the way THEY talk about those problems. 2. Introduce yourself and your solution

3. Give them an action to take.

4. Make sure you leave them your contact info

5. Bonus: include a link that demonstrates that you know what you are talking about. This is a really great thing to do if you are emailing someone from a forum who doesn't really "know" you that well.


Hey Neo,

You mentioned in the Matrix that you have been trouble dealing with being “The One.” I totally get it. Being the one is a BIG deal and I know that I can help you find some life balance so that you can actually ENJOY the world that you are trying so hard to save.

I love working with people who have found themselves in the middle of an epic adventure but still have trouble dealing with what that means for their day-to-day life. How do you go back to getting coffee at the Starbucks when you know that the coffee isn’t even real?

I created Being the Chosen One + Having a Life for people like you because I know that despite the fact that you are saving the world, you can still make time to have your morning coffee and read the newspaper.

You can learn more about the program here.

I would also love to chat with you on the phone about it this week. That way, we can get to know each other a little more and I can tell you more about the class.

Do you have some availability this week?

P.S - I just wrote a post about life balance over at my blog. Check that out here.

Your email will evolve as you get more practice. As you start emailing people, you will start to learn what works and what doesn't work. It's all experimentation. This is a great way to get practice becoming MORE comfortable with selling and it also helps you get better at articulating the value of your offer which is one of the keys to selling, yo.

Your Action for this week:

Respond to someone's call for help AND email them personally. FOLLOW UP! Get all up in their business!

Kaitlyn Kessler