How To Write So People Listen

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Welcome to the Money Move! I’m so excited for this to FINALLY be out. Our first episode is a REALLY good one.

The truth is that most people don’t make sales in their business because the message isn’t clear. The average business owner has a good sense of what they do but they lack the translation skills to turn those concepts they know into copy their audience understands and sees the value in.

Why does this happen and how do we avoid it? It starts with getting rid of the words everyone uses.

In this podcast I break down the words that most business owners use that hurt their businesses and break down the one thing you can do to break that habit and as a result make more sales in your business overall.

Sit back and take some notes!

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why you can’t use the words your mentors use and expect the same results

  • How to create copy that will actually convert and not just be words people will gloss over

  • The one method business owners can use to make sure their copy ALWAYS gets read

  • The definition of a “democratic word” and why it’s essential for making your business work

  • How I would create copy for you

Some resources from this episode:

112 Words To Avoid In Your Copy

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