March to a million + new site

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First off, WELCOME TO THE NEW WEBSITE! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL? This is where we will be hanging out for now on so GET EXCITED!

A few months ago I told the world that I had every intention of turning my business into a 7 figure business. I thought I’d give you an update on my progress and the hard decisions I’ve had to make in my journey to a million. Have I made a million dollars yet? A LOT has happened since then and I wanted to give you a full update of what I’ve learned, what I’m doing, and what happens next!

1. Letting go of more than I thought!

When I wrote about my journey, it included a mastermind component that I had every intention of growing and growing. I tried….but it just never worked. I did countless interviews and nobody was a good fit or it was the wrong time. I couldn’t find the energy to even talk about it, let alone sell it so I made the really hard decision to let it go and focus on what I’m most passionate about: Money Words Monthly. The universe really wants me to stay focused on making money in the way that is going to be totally different.

As a result, I’ve found myself on the LONG LONG road to membership success. And let me tell you -- it’s a LONG ROAD. At this point we have a few hundred in Money Words Monthly and if I want to make this business a million dollar brand, my goal number is 4,000. I need 4,000 people in Money Words Monthly to hit that goal. It’s totally possible. I’ve seen people do it but it means that I’m going to be hustling for the long-haul.

My first goal is 1000 members by October 2019 and I take it 50 members at a time. You’d think that a 27/month sell would be EASY but it’s actually been harder than any of my bigger offers. Money Words Monthly is harder to explain so I’m constantly working on clarifying it. The good news is that we have REAL strong word-of-mouth and minimal cancellations so people are really enjoying it!
A lot of people ask me about my membership because it’s fairly successful at this point. What are my tips? Do I suggest it? I DO NOT. Not unless you have a lot of money coming from other sources, I’d NOT suggest building a membership site at ALL. It’s by FAR one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my business and I’ve been powered by my passion for the product.


2. Bottom of the pile...yet again

I’ve never been rejected SO many times in my life. In an effort to grow Money Words Monthly, I’ve been doing a lot of asking and connecting with people. I’ve spent the last 6 or 7 years in a hole by myself. To be 100% honest, I don’t really TRUST a lot of my peers and I’m just learning how to stick my head out and work with other people. That means I’ve been doing a lot of cold emailing, networking, and reaching out. People say NO a lot. I get ignored. It’s like being at the bottom again BUT it’s working. I’ve made a few connections that have so far resulted in extra income each month that I wouldn’t have gotten before.

I continue to reach out and it continues to always be humbling but that’s the work. I’m honestly a terrible networker and a lot of people hate me so it’s been REAL hard but I keep going!

LESSON: Stay humble and keep asking. It gets easier every time!

3. Keep an open mind

I wanted to keep my eye 100% on the ball which meant not really advertising any of my offers and not taking on any 1-on-1 clients the old way unless people reached out to me personally. I’ve been super picky about who I work with the last few months. In fact, I’ve been mostly working with returning clients lately.

With that in mind, I had a thought: what ELSE can I do for people? What projects can I take on without launching or even talking about it? I asked around and a few totally unique projects have come my way. Right now I’m writing a course for a client from a series of facebook lives and podcasts.

It’s been a fun way to keep creating while not getting distracted or going off course and having extra money so building the membership site isn’t stressful and I don’t have to take projects I don’t want to. I’m really enjoying writing courses the most. It’s REALLY fun and it’s always a relief to people. It’s also nice to use another part of my brain.

LESSON: What feels good? What is something you haven’t tried before?

4. It’s all about experimentation

This fall has been a HUGE time of experimentation and growth for me. For the first time in my business I’ve been doing 2-3 webinars a MONTH. This is a lot, considering in the last 7 years I’ve only done about 1 webinar a YEAR and typically ran it just once. I’ve created 5 webinars JUST this year, experimenting to figure out which one works the best.

It’s been humbling to say the least. I’ve done webinars for lots of people and webinars for like 3 or 4 people. But I’ve been showing up, giving value and doing my best.

How To Make A Sale is my FAVORITE. You can attend that training here

I’ve also been experimenting with facebook ads for the first time and we’ve had some amazing results. We are getting leads at about 80 cents each. SUPER exciting.

Not EVERYTHING has been working though and there are still parts of my funnel that need to workshopped. We are spending a little (okay a lot more) than we are making from facebook leads specifically and so I’m working to improve those emails so that a higher % of people opting in decide to sign up for Money Words Monthly. This is also why I’m not a HUGE facebook ads fan but in an effort to GROW, we’ve been making changes!

LESSON: Keep moving! Keep experimenting!

5. The comfort zone is called the comfort zone for a reason

I’ve really had to stretch out of my comfort zone and be comfortable being uncomfortable. I’ve been doing a lot of hard things in my business, things that I’ve avoided in the past. It’s SO easy to avoid the hard stuff and just go back to the way things were. I can’t tell you how tempted I’ve been to go back to old offers or do things that were safer and more secure. I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted to go back to my corner and stop talking to people. I’ve resisted the urge and I’m so glad I did. ONWARD AND UPWARD.

Lesson: Yeah it sucks but it’s worth it...eventually

6.  New site!

The new Money Words Monthly site is here and the old Hey Shenee will be changing as it will no longer be my core business. Hey Shenee will be more of a portal site and host all my projects and Money Words Monthly (you are here now) will be the STAR of the show. I’ve imported a few of my favorite posts here and Hey Shenee will still be home to old posts but won’t be updated anymore.

That also means that this business will NOT just be about me. I’ll be shifting the content slightly and I will be bringing on more people to create content too.  Welcome to the new site! Take a look around and let me know what you think :)

That’s my update. I can say for sure that I’m in the darker side of the BEGINNING of my journey and it’s been a long and slow process but I can see the light and I’m SO excited to keep moving forward and keep updating you on everything!

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Shenee Howard