Sorry! Life Might Never Be Easier

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Always assume that your life is going to be exactly as it is right now.


I used to always wait around for the circumstances in my life to be perfect before doing anything.


The truth is that your life carries an energy around it. Whatever you choose to focus your energy on is what your life ends up always being.


That’s not to say that the circumstances will be the same forever. There are ebbs and flows to life and there is a good chance your life might be less busy than it is now but you don’t actually know when that will be.


If that’s the case...then what? What would you do?


If your life is exactly like it is right now -- do you give up trying to do anything? Is it a wrap? No more big goals achieved for you?


That can’t be the case, right? But that’s how a lot of people are actually living their lives.


It’s a good exercise because it forces you to look your life in the face and grapple with the reality of your situation vs. a pretend reality in a far off time.


You can look at your life and know your kids are always going to require a lot of energy, the job is always going to be busy, and maybe your money might not be flowing the way you want to be.


Are there people out there with an easier time? Most likely. Could your life be easier? Probably. Are you dealing with a lot? I don’t doubt it! Is it fair? Nah, not really.


It’s your reality at the moment and that’s what you should be thinking about.


You can then make some tough decisions about your life and how you spend your time. You get to ask yourself what needs to change vs. just being reactive to what happens in your life.


I put off taking my writing seriously for YEARS because my business was always so busy and I figured that I didn’t have time. The truth is I wasn’t making my writing my priority so my business just took up whatever space I had.


If you want to point a finger at what kills most people’s productivity it’s this: everyone is waiting around for the perfect time instead of being intentional about the time they actually have right now.


Things might not get better.

Your life might never get less crazy.


WHAT NOW? It’s 2019 and I have a phrase for you. NO MORE EXCUSES. Your excuses are valid but they are excuses and you don’t need them. If you’ve been f*ng around, it’s time to stop, take stock and move FORWARD.


To Infinity And Beyond,



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