That Time I Canceled My Launch


Hi there :)

A couple of weeks ago I canceled a launch I’d spent a whole week building.

I know.

I created emails.

I planned videos.

I was preparing for a big live class.

And I canceled it. You might have seen it, you most likely didn’t.

I talk about why I canceled it and what happened next.

You can listen to that episode below.

NEW this week -- Have you ever struggled to figure out how to ACTUALLY make sales in your business? I break down the HOW behind making money with launches, paid advertising and my way. I know you are curious about that last one, right?

You can listen to my $7  masterclass on the subject right here.

p.s. I’m speaking at the Simply Profitable Designer Summit on April 26th about creating NO-BRAINER offers people will love so much they won't even think about the price. You can listen to mine and a few others here!

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