The “Perfection” Myth In Business

You don’t have to do it all but you have to do SOMETHING.

Sure -- you can have the perfect copy, the perfect posts, the perfect pictures and everything like that but things still won’t be perfect in your business.

People spend thousands of dollars on perfectly laid plans that for whatever reason, don’t go the way they are meant to go. That’s life.

Most people don’t even get that far.

But most of the times perfectly laid plans rarely even get realized because it’s overwhelming. It’s confusing and there is just so. Much. to. Do.

How many times have you written a long list of things to do and never did any of them?

How many times have you thought so hard about something that you’ve never actually done it?

How many times have you spent months trying to get something perfect and it takes months to come out and then becomes a disappointment?

How many great ideas never get executed?

Here’s the thing ---

I’d rather you do SOMETHING than nothing.

I’d rather you build an imperfect offer and test it out than do nothing

I’d rather you send one super focused email a month and post on social media 2-3 times a week

Let’s shift the conversation. Less “do it all right the first time” and more of a focus on getting the thing out the door with as much knowledge and insight as you can and testing until you get it right enough to work for you.

Let’s focus on working smarter. High-impact activities done less of the time (but still consistent).

I’ve adopted this a lot in my teaching. Just get the thing out! Launch it quickly and without a huge fuss! Learn the basics and just keep executing.

That is the best way to release the desire to be perfect and to know everything you have to do and as a result do NONE of it.

Building a business is simple. You pick something to sell and you sell it to the best of your ability. Let’s just keep it simple and make sure it’s focused by knowing what needs to be known.

I like to call this the minimalist business model and it’s one I follow myself. I know how everything works and I pick and choose what I want to do and don’t worry about doing ALL of it.

I feel like EVERYONE should run their businesses this way because it’s a much better (and less stressful) way to live. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about how we can start applying these rules to email.

Kaitlyn Kessler