The Secret Reason Why You Struggle In Business

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My mom always wonders why I share so much about my emotional state on social media. I have peers who feel the same.


Most people share fake-ass vulnerability BS and disguise it as inspiration but my goal is always to share the WORK.


It's constant and consistent work to stay focused, keep your energy aligned and sell your offers.


It's work to not get discouraged, distracted, or feel shame when you get off track or when life happens.


Most people look at entrepreneurs for guidance on what it will be like to have their own business. These business owners show them fancy cars, perfectly curated offices, and screenshots of bank statements.  


The whole goal is to make it feel easy and that you never have to work through stuff and it should just all happen like magic. You buy their thing or download their offer and POOF magic. Not quite.


I’m not saying it has to be “HARD.” None of this is really hard. It’s just work.


Just the other day I read some feedback from a Money Words Monthly cancellation. She said the material was great but she hadn’t used it so she was canceling.


In my head, I’m thinking “WHAT? If you send these emails, you will make sales, connect with your audience, and increase your credibility within your niche...for 27 dollars a month?!” I totally got upset about it. I always do because I BELIEVE in my offer 150% and think it’s the most amazing thing ever and so I take it personally (which I shouldn’t). It’s not her fault and it’s not ANYONE’s fault.


There is a DISCONNECT. Most businesses are never taught about the actual lifestyle of being a business owner. You believe in the results but not in the effort to get you there. Nobody was exactly clear on it.


I have a secret for you:


Ultimately, everything you bought "works" but you just don't put in the work required to make anything work for you long term and it's  because there is this misconception about what is required.


So I share my energy shifts because it's what business owners GO THROUGH and my goal is to never share in a "woe is me" way but to show that a successful business owner (and getting more successful) still has to work and sort through things and make sure my mindset is in check. I still have work to do and the work never stops. It’s always happening so might as well get started now.

I can have the highest earning month all year and still deal with the hangover afterward and refocus.

I can enroll 140 new people and then still have to work through feelings of failure when 3 people cancel.


Your work might not look like this. It might be more like ---

  • Sitting down, opening your files and IMPLEMENTING the stuff you buy

  • Finally hiring someone to help you figure something else if you’ve been struggling with it on your own

  • Putting aside time to actually DO YOUR WORK and making it a priority even when life happens


Business is simple once you realize that you'll go through so many states and the work is just pushing through them anyway. Ultimately, it’s all excuses. Some of those excuses are valid but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the work anyway.


I did a IGTV on this over on my Instagram here.

I started a new “Drives With Shenee” series you can also watch on my IGTV too!

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Shenee Howard