What IS a Brand, Anyway?

What makes a great brand, anyway? Here's an image I created that shows exactly how a brand works and how one is put together:

In today’s workshop, I’ll teach you the 1 thing you need to build a business that attracts more people so you can change more lives and get some instant clarity.

This is the BRAND MAP, it’s basically an outline of everything we will be cover here at Hey Shenee!

Notice how everything lays out? Your big idea is REALLY important. It's something I've built a whole course around and I wanted to show you how having a big idea really positively influences your brand.

If you don’t have a big idea, you don’t have a brand. In Hot Brand Action, we call The BIG IDEA a battle cry.

  • It’s that 1 thing that people can want for themselves.

  • It’s that 1 thing that everything in your business will help them get.

  • Battle Cries make brands addictive. It’s the reason why you keep going back time and time again.

  • Battle cries are the building blocks you use to build EMPIRES.

Your battle cry needs to be 3 things:

  1. Easy for your “people” to understand and want for themselves

  2. Simple


Take my friend Chris, for example:

What’s his mission?

World Domination/Non-Conformity

What does that mean?

Everyone who comes to his site wants to live a life of their own design.

What does that look like?

( P.S — Your battle cry MUST be able to be illustrated. If someone can’t hear it and know examples of what that means, it won’t work )

  • Traveling around the world

  • Working for themselves

  • Doing kick-ass things

  • Connecting with like-minded people

Chris can pretty much do anything he wants and have it fit under the “non-conformity/world domination” umbrella.

  • He could sponsor a skydiving trip

  • He could write a memoir about his life

  • He could create a cooking class for non-conformists

All of his books and events will somehow help you reach this goal: a life of non-conformity.

This is how Chris’s brand looks:


Want a BLANK version of this to build yourself? Go here and get it:

Kaitlyn Kessler