“You” and the secret to overnight success

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Have you heard of the show You? It’s a TV show based off of a book I read a while ago. IT’S CRAZY. The show is nuts but that’s another story.


The show aired on Lifetime TV a few months ago to little fanfare. Nobody seemed to be into it. It came and went without much of a fuss. In fact, it was canceled shortly after the last episode aired.


That must mean that this show just wasn’t good, right? Nobody watched it.




This story has a happy ending. Netflix picked up the show and something remarkable happened. It became HUGE. Everyone watched it. It was their most popular show of the week last week.


Wait, what?


But it was canceled? I’m sure Lifetime is scratching its head too.


This is one of the most perfect examples of the importance of target market and messaging I’ve seen.


What’s the truth? The show wasn’t really “bad” it was just not a good fit for Lifetime. Turns out that the show is a PERFECT show to binge. It’s a great addition to their line up full of other shows about killers and crazy people.


Perfect match.


So while everyone else is acting like You is this amazing new show that just came out, it’s actually a show that’s been around and they just weren’t able to discover it yet.


This is truly the dilemma of most business owners. It’s hard to become a hit if you are talking to people that aren’t the right fit.


So many so called “overnight success stories” are really just business owners that started showing up in a way that their clients finally got OR finally found the audience that will appreciate their gifts right now.


You might be creating your heart out but it’s just like You and Lifetime. A great show going out to the wrong people.


How do you find humans to connect with the work you do? How do you make sure you are talking to the right people?


You ask questions. You talk to your people.


You keep showing up.


Here some questions to get you thinking:

What does your audience need more than anything?

What problem would delight them to have solved?


If you need help showing up with your branding and marketing, join me and the Money Words Monthly crew for the Money Moves Challenge. We are going to spend all next week showing up for our audiences and each other.


The rules:

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It’s a fun way to make money, make connections, and grow your business! If you haven’t said ANYTHING to your audience yet, this is a great time for you to start talking. Join Money Words Monthly for 27/month here to join us.


To Infinity And Beyond,



P.S -- Podcast is STILL coming. We had a little delay with the name and had to shift it. Now called The Money Move!

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