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Here's a sample post and how it can be used across four different industries:

"It’s Friday Introductions time! I thought this would be a good time for me to formally introduce myself to you wonderful people.

Hi, I’m (your name) and I am a/I sell (your title/what you sell). That basically just means that I help people (result you get for people #1) and (result you get for people #2).

So if you are struggling to (story of their struggle for ever), I’m your girl and I’m happy to help! If you’d like to get started, check out (a resource). You’ll learn how to (result) and (result #2).

I also love (interest one) and (interest two) and when I’m not (your career), you can find me (activity you do in spare time)."

For someone who sells toys: It’s Friday Introductions time! YAY!  Hi, I’m Claire and I sell no-tech toys for kids. That basically means I help parents raise kids who actually look people in the eyes when they talk to them and aren’t obsessed with their phones. So if you are a parent who is struggling to get your child’s attention and actually talk to them without them responding with “uhuh, sure”, I’m your girl and I’m happy to help! To get you started, I’d love to offer you 15% off your first no-tech toy. The link is below! More about me: I love chocolate cookies and long books and when I’m not selling amazing no-tech toys, you can find me on hikes with my awesome son and husband.

For a nutritionist: WOOHOO! I love Friday Intros! Excited to meet you guys! Hi, I’m Abby and I’m a nutritionist and food coach for CEOS. That basically means I help bosses stop eating bags of Doritos and spring water for dinner every day or spend hundreds of dollars on food delivery every week because they don’t have the time and energy to do anything else. If you are a boss lady who feels super DRAINED during work every day and suspect it’s because you only eat hummus and pita all day, I’m your girl! You can get started by checking out my “How To Be Busy AND Healthy” guide. You’ll learn some key habits to implement in your day-to-day life so that you can make better choices with your food...automatically! Like magic! Wee. The link is below! When I’m not helping CEOS be superheroes at their jobs, I love to go salsa dancing and will watch anything with Robert Downey Jr.

For a web designer: Hi, I’m Kayla and I help real estate agencies sell more houses with beautiful professional websites that stand out in a crowd of ugly listing sites. Basically, that means if you are a real estate agent who wants to sell more houses, I’m your girl. You can get started by downloading my “How To Stand Out” Mini-Guide! It is the go-to guide for agents who want to know the simple hacks and tweaks they can make to get more phone calls for their listings and to find my high-value clients. You can grab that below!  When I’m not helping real estate agents build thriving practices, I love to watch reality TV and going to Zumba classes.

For an MLM: Friday intros! Hi, I’m Taylor and I help people feel better through the transformational power of essential oils. Basically that means that if you are struggling to get to sleep every night OR if you have a migraine that never seems to go away, I can help you FIX IT without the gross harsh chemicals and medicines you’ve tried in the past. If you are looking to heal some of your chronic issues without medication, I’m your girl! You can get started with a free sample by DMing me.  When I’m not helping women get rid of their anxieties, I love to go surfing and read long mystery books. Awesome to meet you all!